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What is RICOH ISD Server?

RICOH ISD Server is real-time RICOH MFP devices monitoring system server that it automatically collects RICOH MFP devices data and generates reports and charts in an on-demand basis.

The information that it can collect from MFP devices including the followings:

  •  Print activities such as Print / Scan / Copy / Fax
  •  Color or Black / White
  •  No. of Pages
  •  A3, A4, Letter, etc.
  •  Device Serial Number
  •  Users ID of Copy / Scan / Fax
  •  Capture PDF / TIFF
  •  Generation Time and Date
  •  Host Name and Address
  •  MAC Address
  •  Device Name and ID
  •  And more…

The collected data information will be processed periodicallyto generate corresponding reports for improving productivity by supplying MFP operation reports from different view angles to improve organization operations and to make better decisions.

Why use RICOH ISD Server?

RICOH ISDServer creates a continuously up-to-date database of your MFP device performance. It organizes your MFP operation data into meaningful reports for business users to see their availability, operational trends and department expenses on all printing activities.

Product Features

Print Logs Reporting

As a summary, RICOH ISDServer provides the following reports and dashboards:

  •  MFP Devices Usage Dashboards.
  •  Department Usage Expenses Dashboards.
  •  Operation Activity Report.
    View by Department
    View by Device
    View by User

Document Capture and OCR

In addition to reporting, ISD Server can also capture documents in the MFP operations. Major functions include:

  •  Capture documents for Scan / Copy / Fax.
  •  Process documents using OCR engine.
  •  Search keywords in OCR text result and send alert message (i.e. email) to corresponding users.

System Integration and Administration

  •  Fully integrated with Windows Active Directory for user synchronization.
  •  Fully integrated with Windows Active Directory for user synchronization.
  •  Support multiple-level departments.
  •  Set permissions for users / departments for accessing system reports and resources.
  •  Able to set expense budgets on department level as well as user levels.
  •  Able to send operation reports on a pre-scheduled basis.
  •  Support multiple languages.

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