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ATPATH DMS Server is a high-performance, intuitive document management system that offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized companies and large organizations. It is a flexible and low-cost way to effectively manage records. ATPATH DMS can help any kind of organization anywhere in the world gain control over their documents, with a particular focus on fast content retrieval and business process automation.

Our solution enables your team to create, co-author, and coordinate any number of documents. Increase collaboration and productivity in your organization using ATPATH DMS web interfaces, simple integration into cloud storage, and automatic import from your shared folders.

ATPATH DMS is an electronic document management system that can be used by small and large companies alike as a flexible and low-cost way to effectively manage records.

Using a system of electronic document management, the information and knowledge generated within an organization can be made universally available to its employees.

Managing your business documents will be easy with ATPATH DMS

This software application contains a web-based user interface that performs operations including file sharing, setting security roles, and finding and auditing enterprise records and registers. By using ATPATH DMS, users can easily communicate and collaborate with one another. The flow of documents through the business cycle can be tracked and managed, from sharing and collaboration, through approval, to reviews and revisions.

ATPATH DMS ensures that employees can find, use, share, and secure valuable corporate content. A secure, interactive archive connects teams to critical information, even across the most decentralized organizations.

Share and Collaborate

Help your employees save time by finding the right information exactly when it’s needed. Empower your teams to share, access, enrich, and store high-quality content in a single place. ATPATH DMS can manage all of your organization’s documents and valuable intelligence in a secure archive that spans the entire company. Create, distribute, and improve records within team collaborative workspaces while ensuring proper approval and reviews with positive workflow.

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