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Developing and maintaining relationships with customers can be a challenge. But it's an essential task for businesses' growth and survival. In order to maintain those relationships, a good CRM system is a must-have.

ATPATH CRM Plus builds the system features for targeting small-to-medium-sized businesses markets. Those features include the ability to automate leads, opportunities, and contacts; create individual and mass mailings; schedule meetings, calls, and tasks; and to track changes to customer records. ATPATH CRM Plus wraps all of that in a clean, modern interface.

ATPATH CRM Plus Screenshots
CRM Plus Main Console

ATPATH CRM Plus is a powerful workflow solution. It allows for simple, or complex automation of tasks within ATPATH CRM Plus that can make an incredible difference to an organization. It consists of a series of steps and rules that serve to automate a business process. A workflow can run on an out-of-box entity or a custom entity. Workflows can be initiated manually, or they can be initiated automatically, in a number of different ways.

Sales Lead Form

Enter sales lead information to the sales lead form.

Sales Opportunity, Accounts, Companies, etc will be in similar formats.

CRM Plus Dashboards

CRM Plus Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using CRM dashboards,you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and related data.


Click the BPM Log icon to open a form to list out the approval history for the CRM Plus workflow.

Workflow Stage

Click the BPM Workflow task link to open ATPATH BPM System to see the CRM workflow stage.

Workflow Steps

Click the workflow step link to see the corresponding workflow steps.

Bulk Update

If user would like to make approval at one batch (or enter Job Done) in one batch, the user can select corresponding approval items or to-do items and then click Bulk Update button. Once the button is clicked, it pops up this bulk update form. User can make corresponding choices (Approved, Disapproved, To Be Clarified, etc) and click Submit button just one time to complete approval process.

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