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Since its initial release in 2001, ATPATH BPM Server has been the comprehensive BPM Suite for delivering process-driven solutions. Key to its success has been ATPATH’s remarkable focus on ease of use and easy to analyst data. It enables business analysts and IT developers have the abilities to model, execute and optimize powerful, feature rich applications designed to streamline and automate business processes specifically addressing their unique business control requirements.

ATPATH BPM Server is a high-performance process engine that can support the most complex business processes, deployed within mission-critical environments. With ATPATH BPM Server, business users and process experts with no programming experience can design and run workflows, increase transparency, and radically reduce paperwork, automate processes across systems, including human resources, finance, and operations.

ATPATH BPM Server enables users to seamlessly automate and integrate dynamic tasks with structured process. Customers needed this functionality as critically important to meeting their dynamic business application requirements.

ATPATH BPM Server is the most dynamic BPM solution platform and most affordable BPM solutions in the marketplace.

ATPATH BPMServer Enables Dynamic BPM

Dynamic BPM holds that business processes constantly evolve due to both organizational change (e.g., changing workforce, business objectives, and competitive realities) and technological change (e.g., new applications and new capabilities), and that organizations should do everything in their power to align people with process to measurably enhance worker effectiveness. As a result, organizations need a ” Business Process Platform” that supports rapid change and creates agile applications.

Designed for both business users and IT professionals and built to support dynamic business environments, ATPATH BPM Server moves beyond the flat, one-dimensional feel of traditional process management solutions. It offers enhanced dynamic process automation. It provides users the ability to deploy business processes that adapt to and evolve with an organization’s ever-changing business environment.

ATPATH BPMServer Delivers "Dynamic Business Applications"

In thehigh-performanceworkplace of today, users need business applications that meet their needs for flexibility, agility, management visibility, process alignment, and a rich user experience.

ATPATH BPM Server truly offers the marketplace a BPM Suite for creating dynamic business applications. Users can build applications for rapid modification, execution and variable conditions. They can conceptualize process information for real-time executive monitoring and decision-making. Users can seamlessly automate and integrate dynamic tasks with structured processes to drive visibility, control, and productivity across all work that happens within an organization.

ATPATH BPM Server Combines All BPM Capabilities on One Platform

ATPATH BPM Server is a full featured BPM solution platform, it’s includes the following functionalities:

  •  Process Modeling
  •  Business Rules
  •  Process Monitoring
  •  Dynamic Tasking (Ad-Hoc Routing)
  •  Business Application and Forms Development
  •  SOA Integration
  •  Process Monitoring
  •  Business Activity Monitoring
  •  Security & Administration

ATPATH BPM Server – Application Designer

ATPATH BPM Server Application Designerhelps captures and illustrates workflow with corresponding business rules. Users can model process and sub-process. For example, users can easily define an approval process such as Purchase Request Approval where the provided documents and purchase item information are made available to initiator’s manager and purchase supervisor for review. Associated actions of Agreed / Forward or Rejected / To Be Clarified sub-process can be defined via a drag-and-drop user-friendly interface.

Business Advantages in Using ATPATH Application Designer for Modeling

  •  Enables virtually anyone to create a workflow, maximizing time to value
  •  Supports team collaboration and efficiency through reuse and developer models
  •  Provides drag-and-drop interface to reduce training time and costs
  •  Uses what-if-analyses to quickly determine bottlenecks and risky events impacts
  •  Documents all work for compliance and reporting

ATPATH BPMServer - Business Rules Capabilities

What makes ATPATH BPM Server separates as a BPM engine from common workflow tools is the integrated business rules environment. Right from the process modeler, users can add business rules to each activity or process definition.

In a code-less approach, ATPATH BPM Server can add business rules affecting:

  •  Policies
  •  Procedures
  •  Roles & Responsibilities
  •  Routing
  •  Security
  •  Deadlines
  •  Ad-hoc Tasks
  •  Application integration

ATPATH BPMServer - Process Monitoring Capabilities

Process visibility is one of the most wanted features of BPM enterprise customers. ATPATH BPM Server provides the capability to make business processes visible in order to providing a mechanism to monitor and report on business performance and risks.

With ATPATH BPM Server, users can see process status – who is doing what, what has been done, where are the bottlenecks, and bottleneck causes. Managers can understand what they need to do to improve productivity. Users can be more collaborative because they have instant access to attachment and comments.

Business Advantages in Using ATPATH BPMServer for Process Monitoring

  •  See business performance in real-time according to self-made metrics.
  •  Measure operational performance based on key performance indicators.
  •  Sense problems as soon as possible.
  •  Know what is causing bottlenecks.
  •  Capture a complete audit trail for regulations and compliances in your business area.

ATPATH BPM Server - Business Application and Forms Development Capabilities

Human-to-human processes largely revolve around forms. ATPATH BPM delivers simple forms development accelerator capabilities as part of its integrated business application development environment. Customers can use ATPATH BPM web-based forms or integrate with other form technology such as Microsoft Office, Adobe’s PDF, ASP and JSP. The data captured by these forms is submitted to ATPATH BPM for processing and further analysis.

ATPATH BPM Server - Microsoft SharePoint Web Part Integration

Microsoft SharePoint Server is fast becoming the content and document management system of choice for the enterprise. ATPATH BPM provides integration to Windows SharePoint Services as well as full interoperability with SharePoint Portal Server. Organizations can leverage the power of SharePoint's document management and presentation capabilities integrated to ATPATH BPM's market leading business process workflow automation technology.


  •  ATPATH BPM SharePoint Web Part can create, store, retrieve, update and delete any documents held in SharePoint Server.
  •  Document creation, routing and approval can be graphically modeled by business users then executed without IT intervention.
  •  Tasks and documents are routed to the right person at the right time automatically.
  •  ATPATH BPM SharePoint Web Part can monitor for SharePoint server events such as the creation or update of a document.
  •  These events are used as triggers to initiate and control the flow of business processes. e.g. an approval workflow can halt and wait until a particular document has been received and stored in SharePoint.

ATPATH BPMServer - Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Integration Capabilities

Finding and entering data to documents makes up a large part of the average work day. Through integration, process-driven / human-driven applications can pull data into forms, automating workflow steps such as data entry, data validation, and data changes.

Whether through adaptors or Web services, ATPATH BPM Server excels at getting at this data and introducing it into the workflow. It enables users to create or reuse web services to link application forms to data records.

Business Advantages from Using ATPATH BPMServer for SOA Integration

  •  Improves productivity by automating data entry, data validation, record changes, and document versioning.
  •  Supports agile change management.
  •  Rapidly incorporates external data into processes without the high cost of customer development.
  •  ATPATH BPM - Business Activity Monitoring (BI) Capabilities

ATPATH BPMServer - Business Intelligence Capabilities

Business Intelligence (BI) has become an essential technology component of a Business Process Management (BPM) solution. After all, what could be more helpful than viewing real-time information about process performance? How about the ability to automatically trigger corrective actions? Or, better yet, being able to diagnose issues before they take place? Just as a pilot wouldn’t fly a plane without being able to view, diagnose and correct its systems, you shouldn’t consider automating processes without being able to have a complete understanding of how they are performing.

BI as part of BPM offerings, in reality they are just providing historical process reporting. It delivers process performance information as it occurs, and it is highly flexible in how this information can be used to improve business operations.

ATPATH BPM Server makes available of its system collected workflow data for real-time 360-degree business performance examination and analytic. Customers can use any kinds of market available reporting tools and chart generation tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, VISIFIRE chart generation tools, etc. to generate their reporting of interested.

ATPATH BPM Server Screenshots
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Dashboard can be customized to display whatever information the management team wanted to see the data from the system.

Approval Inbox

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Approval History

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Workflow Stage

Step-By-Step Workflow Status

Support iPad and Other Main Stream Browsers

Complicated Workflow Logics Can Be Developed on this BPM Platform

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External System Integration

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